Have More Fun Dating: Date Yourself First

Have more fun dating: date yourself first

Dating doesn’t have to be awful or boring. In fact, it can be fun. In this series I talk about how to have more fun dating.

The following post is adapted from Chapter 2, “How to Begin a Lifelong Romance” by Sophie Winters, author of The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto. Now for sale on Amazon.

Want to have more fun dating? Easy. Date yourself first.

The quality of your relationships with others is in direct proportion to how happy you are by yourself. The more complete a person you are, the more satisfying your relationships will be.

If you’re not already dating yourself, I encourage you to start. Date yourself once a week, and it will turn into a lifelong romance. After all, the longest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

Guideline #5 of The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto: Date Yourself First.

Dating yourself means prioritizing some “me time” and has a lot of benefits:

  • It feels good when you do nice things for yourself.
  • Time alone clears your head.
  • You learn and experience new things.
  • You may discover new hobbies and new passions.
  • You become more sensual and feel more alive – seeing, touching, smelling.
  • You can make new friends and acquaintances just by being in new environments.
  • You discover what you truly value and need in order to be happy.
  • You get out of your head.
  • You become comfortable in your own skin.

“Date yourself first” means putting yourself into new situations opens up the possibility of meeting someone new. You’ll also gain self-confidence as you get more experience putting yourself into new environments. The more comfortable you get being able to handle yourself in new situations, the more at ease you’ll feel dating and interacting with others. This ability to trust yourself to handle any situation and feel comfortable in your own skin is a total people magnet.

Date Yourself, Even When You’re In a Relationship

If you’re already in a relationship, it’s still important to carve out personal time each week, because the benefits are the same: you get more cha cha. And more cha cha means that your other relationships get a whole lot juicier.

If you’ve wasted time trying to find “The One” to fulfill you, well, it’s time to wake up. You are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. When and if “he” does come along, think about all the great things you’re going to be able to catch up on, and all the interesting experiences you’ll be able to share because you’re been enjoying a lifelong romance with yourself!

Date Yourself And Begin A Life-Long Romance

To begin a real-life romance with yourself, plan a new date each week. Will you take yourself to the park? A spa? How about a funky coffee shop and a book? A boot camp? How about a “romantic” dinner at home with music, wine and a beautiful table set with fresh-cut flowers? How about a road trip and a stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

You can celebrate important dates and accomplishments on your own, even if you’re in a relationship. Why not buy yourself a gift? A pretty piece of jewellery? Or create a music mix of your favourite tunes?

A real-life romance with yourself is about enjoying acts of kindness, small gifts and beautiful moments.

A woman who enjoys her own company and loves her life is magnetic. Make a plan to take yourself on a date this week.

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Author Adele Frizzell/Sophie Winters

Sophie Winters is the author of two books on dating and relationships. Sophie’s real name is Adele Frizzell. She enjoys travel, hiking, and lifting heavy weights. She is a competitive bench presser, certified yoga teacher, and mountain addict. She loves inspiring people to get more out of life.

Her first book, The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto is written for all the single ladies, while her second relationship advice book, It’s Not You, It’s Us: A Guide for Living Together Without Growing Apart is for couples who want more joy, intimacy and respect in their relationship. She is working on her third book.

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