My Idea Of The Perfect Date – With Myself

My Idea Of The Perfect Date – With Myself

Today I took myself on a date. It cost less than $2 and it was my idea of the perfect date. I stopped working at 2 pm. I got dressed in running gear and took the subway into Washington, DC to the Museum of Natural History (it’s free!).

I visited the Human Genome exhibit first.


My idea of the perfect date 1

Wow, everyone’s on Pinterest. (Click this image for more details on the exhibit.)

Then I went and checked out the Hope Diamond.


My idea of the perfect date 2

The Hope Diamond was once a hefty 116 carats but has been whittled down to a sleek 45.5 over the last few centuries. She’s a dark indigo blue but emits a red glow in the dark.

I got to feed my geeky side, and my girly side.

In the genome exhibit I learned that every cell in your body contains a set of instructions for how to grow and live. This is called your genome. That twisting ladder-shaped molecule you’ve probably seen on television is known as DNA. DNA is what determines your unique genetic traits. For example, because my ear lobes are not attached, and I can’t curl my tongue, and my hairline is pointed in the centre, my particular combination of genetic traits is found in only 2% of the population. This means, I’m a unique snowflake. Just like everyone else.

Who would have thought they can map out awesomeness?


My idea of the perfect date 3

I’m a unique snowflake. Like everyone else.

As for the Hope Diamond, it sat on display in its own room like a lonely debutante. It had a dark indigo blue colour which I didn’t expect. According to Wikipedia, “the stone exhibits an unusually intense and strongly colored type of luminescence: after exposure to short-wave ultraviolet light, the diamond produces a brilliant red phosphorescence (‘glow-in-the-dark’ effect) that persists for some time after the light source has been switched off, and this strange quality may have helped fuel its reputation of being cursed.” Source: Wikipedia.

The Hope Diamond is not the world’s biggest diamond, but it is considered the most perfect. Its history includes “a stint in the French Crown Jewels, a daring theft, two recuttings, an English King, a wealthy American socialite, a bit of mystery and a curse or two.” Source: The Smithsonian.

Don’t you love a bit of intrigue on a date?


My idea of the perfect date 4

That is not my hand.

The room was jammed with people trying to get a glimpse of the world’s most famous (and supposedly cursed) diamond. I waited my turn, snapped a pic on my iPhone, and then stepped back to let someone else in.

If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, I will stay as far away from the Museum of Natural History as possible.


My idea of the perfect date 5

(And it was a Wednesday.)

The Hope Diamond was very pretty, but I was more interested in the display of jewels owned by aristocrats like Marie Antoinette. I liked the history behind these glittering gifts given by men to their women. And I realized: I like it when men adorn their adored. Getting your girl a vacuum is brutal. It’s like the modern version of buying her a plough.

Anyway, the gemstone exhibit made me realize how much I like colour in gemstones. In fact, I think I like sapphires best. Especially sapphires set in diamonds. So I learned two new things about myself today: I have a very unique combination of genetic traits and I like sparkly blue gemstones.


My idea of the perfect date 6

The Hall Sapphire Necklace (also on display at the Smithsonian)

Which is why I love dating myself: I’m always learning new things. Ain’t dating yourself a peach?


My Idea Of The Perfect Date – The Fun Continues

After the Natural History Museum I ran home. It wasn’t my usual running route and that’s what I wanted, to see new things.

The run was about 6 kms (or 4 miles to you Yanks). I passed many important landmarks.


My idea of the perfect date 7

Okay this teepee thing wasn’t exactly normal for Connecticut Avenue. But it was different!

It was like running through an outdoor museum or a movie set.


My idea of the perfect date 10

The Monument.


My idea of the perfect date 11

The WWII Memorial. It has 56 pillars, arches, a plaza and a lovely fountain. It looks very noble.


My idea of the perfect date 12

The Reflecting Pool.


My idea of the perfect date 13

The Lincoln Memorial. Hands up for Abe!


My idea of the perfect date 15

The Pioneer. A Spanish war memorial in Arlington.


My idea of the perfect date 17

Arlington Cemetery. (I ran outside it on the road – I don’t run in the cemetery. That would be disrespectful.)


My idea of the perfect date 18

The Iwo Jima War Memorial.

When I got home I felt glow-y and happy and appreciative of my life and my boyfriend. And I wanted to spread that love around. So I asked myself, what can I do for my boyfriend that will make him happy?

So I made cookies.


My idea of the perfect date 18

Easy almond cookies. Click on the picture for the recipe.

My boyfriend loves this gluten free almond cookie recipe. And now I am picturing him coming home in a few minutes, and seeing the cookies. His face lights up and he kisses me. (After all, the perfect date always ends with a kiss.)

See how dating yourself first makes everything better?

Museums. Sparkly things. Outdoor running. Freshly baked cookies. The buzz of anticipation. A kiss at the end.

That was my idea of the perfect date with myself. What’s yours? I invite you to comment below.

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