My Sexual Battery is Low

My Sexual Battery is Low

The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Singles Warehouse. You can read the original article here.


My Sexual Battery is Low

Haven’t felt the urge in a while? Here are five important reasons why your sexual battery could be low:

5. You’re just not feeling sexy, which usually translates into not feeling sexual. Maybe you put on some weight and it’s affecting your body image and self-confidence. Maybe you just lost your mojo. The solution? Get sexy. Exercise. Get some new clothes. Get your hair done. Feel good about yourself and the skin you’re in.

When you don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel sexual.

4. You’re not making time for sex. You’re letting other things creep in and steal your time in the sack, like video games or television. They say the average American watches 5 hours a day of television. Talk about missed opportunity! The thing is, when you go without sex for a while, the sexual battery can get lower and lower. (Another reason to kill your TV.)

3. You can’t get it up or on. Don’t let a health problem interfere with your love life. Erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness is no joke and there could be psychological reasons or physical reasons for it. Popping a pill like Viagra may just mask deeper problems. For example, ED is often a precursor to heart disease. Vaginal dryness could be hormonal or signal autoimmune problems. Lack of sexual desire could relate to hypothyroidism or other conditions. Take your health and nutrition seriously and talk to your doctor.

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Author Adele Frizzell/Sophie Winters

Sophie Winters is the author of two books on dating and relationships. Sophie’s real name is Adele Frizzell. She enjoys travel, hiking, and lifting heavy weights. She is a competitive bench presser, certified yoga teacher, and mountain addict. She loves inspiring people to get more out of life.

Her first book, The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto is written for all the single ladies, while her second relationship advice book, It’s Not You, It’s Us: A Guide for Living Together Without Growing Apart is for couples who want more joy, intimacy and respect in their relationship. She is working on her third book.

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