That New Book Smell

That New Book Smell

*This* close to sending my new book off to the editors for review and feedback. I’m around 250 pages for this first draft. My first book was 99 pages, so writing this one has been a marathon in comparison. I’m a little behind schedule. Okay, a lot behind schedule! I’ve had to bounce around a lot this year, spending no more than 3 months in one country. I’ve spent chunks of time in the US, Ecuador and Canada. It’s taken me more time than I would have liked but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And birds. And blue sky.

Writing is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration, that’s for sure!

What’s the new book about? It’s a book to help couples who are planning to move in together, are living together or married – to be happier and more successful. It explores multiple topics like the legal differences between living together and being married, mixed faith unions, having kids, merging families and pets, sex, division of labour, money, family issues, personal growth and happiness, emotional distance, conflict, etc. I haven’t come across another relationship book that explores so many topics in one go.

I draw real world examples from my own relationship, couples, family therapists, a documentary filmmaker, other authors and experts. If all goes as planned, it should be available for reading this summer. You can sign up for advance notice when my new book goes on sale and download a sample chapter here –

It’s Not You, It’s Us: A Guide for Living Together Without Growing Apart. Download Chapter

P.S. The new book will be available for electronic platforms like the Kindle and Nook first. Print copies will be made available later.

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Author Adele Frizzell/Sophie Winters

Sophie Winters is the author of two books on dating and relationships. Sophie’s real name is Adele Frizzell. She enjoys travel, hiking, and lifting heavy weights. She is a competitive bench presser, certified yoga teacher, and mountain addict. She loves inspiring people to get more out of life.

Her first book, The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto is written for all the single ladies, while her second relationship advice book, It’s Not You, It’s Us: A Guide for Living Together Without Growing Apart is for couples who want more joy, intimacy and respect in their relationship. She is working on her third book.

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