Top 10 Dating Tips for Picky Daters

Top 10 Dating Tips for Picky Daters

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Top 10 Dating Tips for Picky Daters

If you’ve ever been a fan of Seinfeld, you’ve probably laughed at Jerry Seinfeld’s dating escapades. Jerry was one of those picky daters who always had a perfectly crafted excuse to dump a girl. For him, the reasons were totally legit but for the audience, the reasons were often ridiculous. One date had man hands, one talked too low, one wouldn’t taste his pie and another wouldn’t give him a massage. There was always a stupid reason for him to break up with a woman, and it happened weekly.

Do you know anyone like Jerry? If so, you might want to share my Top 10 Dating Tips for Picky Daters.

10. Everyone’s got a little weirdo in them. Some idiosyncrasy. Even you. Keep that in mind.

9. Know the difference between healthy picky and unhealthy picky. Healthy picky means you have standards and you’re a focused dater. You look for someone who has similar values as you. You use a wide screen to filter out the rock heads and hand sift for the gems. Unhealthy picky has impossible standards. They use the finest mesh screen to prospect and nothing gets through, not even gold dust. These picky daters fuss over trifles, like someone who eats too slow.

8. Everyone’s got their thing they get hung up on but if you have too many “things” you might find yourself perpetually single.

Picky Daters: Being too picky is a form of self-sabotage. It’s a way to keep someone away and prevent true intimacy from developing.

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