Forty Daze

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Forty Daze is a storied book about self-improvement, habit creation, and mindfulness through a series of 40-day challenges. Self-improvement has never been so addictive!

Forty Daze


WARNING: This book is a gateway drug to self-improvement. You may find yourself exercising more, eating better, and feeling more content with your life.

Want to:

  • write a book in 40 days?
  • declutter your life?
  • eat better?
  • get fit?
  • learn to meditate?
  • get a better job?
  • follow through on some goals?

…Laugh out loud while you get inspired?

Then this book is for you.

Success in life doesn’t hinge on wishful thinking and vision boards. If you want to create meaningful change in your life, you need to take action.


Forty Daze

Forty Daze shows you how to take yourself off autopilot and aim for the stars.

The stories from people’s challenges are both profound and hilarious, and peppered with actionable advice and tips learned along the way.

In Forty Daze, you’ll learn how to prepare for your own 40-day challenge, and set yourself up for success.

Self-improvement has never been so addictive!

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